September 24, 2019

Taking care of your health doesn’t just mean going to the doctor anymore. We’re now seeing the importance of treating our bodies in a broader holistic way, where nutrition, exercise, and mental health all play key roles. Bringing a more personalized and thorough approach to health is the mission of NYC’s coolest new club The Well.

With access to a team of experts in both Western and Eastern medicine, one-on-one health coaching sessions, yoga and meditation classes, reflexology, personal training, and spa treatments, members can put themselves on a path of mindful living.

“Our mission is to be the gold standard for wellness,” said Rebecca Parekh, co-founder and CEO. “We’re building a movement to empower people to take greater agency for their health.”

“We believe in bio-individuality which means there is no one-size-fits-all protocol,” added Sarrah Hallock, co-founder and COO. “The Well is a place where members receive trusted, personalized plans to help them achieve their individual health goals.”

The club also provides all its treatments and services in an absolutely gorgeous 18,000-square-foot space by Rose Ink Workshop. The beautiful location in NYC’s Flatiron neighborhood really infuses wellness into the design, with organic shapes, plants, and even crystals incorporated into the design.

“A ‘well’ has been the traditional source of water and therefore life since the beginning of time. In the context of our concept, The Well is a conduit for members to heal and to elevate energetically,” explains Rose Ink Workshop founder Liubasha Rose.

“In designing the spaces, we were inspired by the fundamental nature of a ‘well’ which is cylindrical and deep, with curves, rounded shapes, and long perspectives. You will see these concepts in various forms through the space. It’s part of the same human wellness story.”

“We love working on projects and brands that are mission driven,” says Rose. “The Well is not just a beautiful space, it’s an ecosystem that actively helps people connect to the better version of themselves. And the design and materiality has been crafted bespoke for the mission of the Well.”

“In the heart of the club, there is a rain mobile sculpture by Jeanne Canto,” notes Rose. “The idea behind this piece was bringing chaos into a perfect balance and harmony.”

One of Rose’s favorite parts of the design is this unique relaxation room. “The Selenite Sanctuary was created a lounge where members could be cocooned in the calming and meditative vibration of Selenite,” she explains.

“Selenite is traditionally known to clean, open, and activate the higher Chakras, is used to strengthen the memory, and is excellent for all types of spiritual work.”

“Inspired by the visuals of Superman’s Secret Citadel — the warm glow brings clarity of mind and deep peace,” the designer shares. “The lounge has heavily textured walls, a polished Venetian plaster ceiling, and selenite sconces by Stone & Rose. The entry is defined by soft white sheer curtains and the whole space has a beautiful glow.”

The Well really offers a holistic wellness package. In addition to workouts and monthly one-on-one meetings with a health coach, members can also book spa services in one of the space’s beautiful treatment rooms ranging from Reiki healing to deep-tissue massages.

Members can get their “om” on in the center’s unique enclosed meditation room.

We’d like to join a club with a space entirely dedicated to reflexology in Eames lounges.

“We wanted the infuse certain areas of the club with the vibrancy of a bouquet of spring flowers,” Rose shares. “The Lecture Library is one such space. An overscale, super deep, and comfy U-shaped sofa in shades of dusty violet — a deep green rug, multicolored pillows, and a library of vibrant, colorful books that is equally an art installation as it is a unique yogi master’s collection.”

Florals continue to bloom around the first floor, with framed watercolor herbs in the restaurant and flower murals in the restrooms.

Want to join The Well? You can finally apply to be a member and experience the newly opened club yourself.