January 23, 2017

If you are seriously interested in pursuing a career in interior design, it is important to look to those in the biz who made it. Not only can these designers offer you creative inspiration, but after building their careers, they know both the difficulties and rewards of working in the field.

We spoke with nine top interior designers who told us their stories and gave advice to help you live out your career dreams. Click through and get inspired.

By Shelby Wax


Creative director of Rose Ink Workshop, Liubasha Rose is an incredible designer that focuses on hospitality interiors. Her work has been seen in hotels like the 1 Hotel South Beach as well at The Riviera in Palm Springs.

If you are getting started, Rose says a mentor can really help you along the way.

“I got lucky and had a magician for a mentor. For years when I would be in meetings or would have to make decisions on my own–I would always think–what would Kemper Hyers do? It gave me a compass until one day I just started to go with what felt right to me.”

In order to design interiors, Rose says flexibility and education is necessary.

“Learn how to be malleable in the beginning of your career. Understanding the formula for different styles gives you the confidence and tools to be experimental after your personal aesthetic solidifies.”

While it can be tricky along the way, Rose says, “Obstacles will invariably pop up in any project, but it’s essential to be able to recover. Clients should never see you sweat.”