April 12, 2023

The Best New Hotels in North America and Europe, 2023

You can encounter inspiration in many different forms at a great hotel. It might be as simple as a stunning view. Standing on a balcony at the Maybourne Riviera, on the Côte d’Azur, I took in an expanse of sea and sky unlike that of any other place in the world. There’s a reason that corner of the earth attracted painters such as Matisse and Bonnard. It’s an image to conjure when the meditation app tells you to think of a calming place. A moment that becomes a little souvenir of the soul.

Experiences like this may be tiny, but they can stick. In the kitchen at the Four Seasons Naviva, in Punta Mita, Mexico, the chef casually taught me how to prepare a salsa using a molcajete, a traditional pre-Hispanic mortar and pestle made from lava rock. It was so simple and revelatory and visceral—just charred tomatoes and jalapeños and salt—that I vowed to make it regularly with my salsa-loving children. New York’s Nine Orchard, our very first Hotel of the Year, is a place that embraces the analog, so inspiration came to me in the form of the excellent wooden speakers in my room (made by Ojas). They reminded me that good sound matters.

Experiential travel has been a buzzword for quite some time. The cynic in me always thought of it as redundant. To travel is to experience, no? But the more I travel, the more I realize that’s not always the case. Sometimes we’re just trying to get from point A to point B. It takes commitment to notice the world around you, to be open to the new. And the very best hotels have a way of putting you in that mode.

For this second edition of our Best New Hotels list, we traveled throughout North America and Europe to find places offering more than high thread counts and hot tubs. These are the spots that changed us in big and small ways. We hope you get to take some inspiration home from them, too.

The Wall Street Hotel

Want to see something beautiful? Come stand on the corner of Wall Street and Water in Lower Manhattan and stare at this gorgeous mass of concrete. The Paspaley family, Australians who were pioneers in the pearl industry, lovingly and painstakingly brought the beaux arts facade of The Wall Street Hotel to life over the course of several years. And what’s inside is even better. Spacious suites (for Manhattan!), oversized bathrooms (see previous parenthetical), a chic-meets-fun bar that draws locals and guests, plus an absolutely killer in-house French brasserie—this place doesn’t miss.