March 1, 2019

San Francisco is an easy city to get wrong. Many tourists spend their entire visit checking off all the clichés: The Haight-Ashbury Intersection, a ride on a cable car, the sea lions of Fisherman’s Wharf, and an Italian dinner on Columbus Avenue.

If you want to do San Francisco the predictable way, then your itinerary is available to you in the previous paragraph. If you want a little more substance to your weekend, then have a look at the guide below. We’ll even do you a favor and help you check off the clichés without making them the main destinations.

Almost every hotel in San Francisco is in Union Square or Downtown (they’re adjacent neighborhoods). While it’s going to feel super touristy to do this, it’s also a really good location to start and end each day, since nearly every route on the buses, trams, cable cars, and BART pass through here. If you want to take the BART to or from the SF or Oakland airports, it’s also very convenient.

If you’re interested in staying at a no-frills boutique hotel (that is both beautiful and newly renovated), then Hotel Triton is a great choice. And yes, ‘no-frills boutique hotel’ sounds contradictory, but that’s because Triton focuses on everything you need and isn’t trying to wow you with any BS: Its rooms are tastefully modern, with a vivid color palette that polarizes no one. (How is that so hard to get right?) With three core classes of rooms and suites, you can spread out as much as you need, then head down to breakfast at Café de la Presse, Triton’s onsite French Bistro, or Herlen Place, for some American-style brunch. There’s a 24-hour fitness center, a cozy study, and equally stylish lobby for quick meetings.