July 27, 2023

And Just Like That... Season 2, Episode 7 Fashion Recap: Pride, Prejudice, and Pot

If I’m going to call out And Just Like That… when they miss the mark, I have to also admit when they get it right, and honestly, “February 14th” has everything I could want in a Sex and the City-adjacent project. Involuntary pot use, large and unconfined packages that lead to a host of innuendos, bad dates—this episode feels like the original in all the right ways. Of course, it also features the spoiled, yet still long-awaited return of Aidan, but before we get there, let’s start at the beginning. The original trio were really the stars of “February 14th” with side characters Nya, Seema, and LTW once again getting relegated to pretty lame side stories. I mean, Nya bakes a soufflé, really? That’s her whole plotline this episode? And don’t even get me started on Seema, who remains criminally underused. Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, though, are back to their usual antics, with Charlotte pimping out poets and popping pot brownies, and Miranda exploring her sexuality. Miranda’s final scene at Amelia’s apartment is a reminder of why dating is such an integral part of the SATC universe. It’s in these uncomfortable, laughable dating scenarios that these characters shine, and it’s a pleasure to see Miranda back in that space. With Carrie seemingly on her way back with Aidan and Charlotte thoroughly in love with Harry, it looks like Miranda will remain as the single representative of AJLT, and after this episode, I’m OK with that.

Seema and Carrie head to The Well for some emergency massages, showing off their increasingly opposing styles in the process. Once again, Seema opts for monochrome, wearing all white in knee-high boots, an eyelet pencil skirt, Sofia Cashmere fur-collared coat, and fuzzy little Fendi clutch. Carrie, meanwhile, embraces her inner bohemian in wide-leg jeans, a gray-and-pink striped sweater, leather jacket, plaid scarf, and wool newsboy cap.

Unfortunately, The Well is having a Valentine’s Day special where they only provide couples massages on the special day (seems like a missed opportunity to cater to the single and knotty). Seema fights with the front desk worker as well as the larger cultural obsession with Valentine’s Day (“What holiday? Last I looked, it was Thursday. Banks are open. Mail’s being delivered.”). Don’t worry, though, she’s taking her grievances to Yelp.