October 3, 2019

When I walked into THE WELL—a new membership-based wellness club in New York City—for the first time I felt an immediate sense of calm. I knew I was one block away from the always-bustling Union Square Park, but all that noise was the last thing on my mind. I felt truly centered, like I had just entered savasana at the end of a restorative yoga class.

And this was before the full tour had even begun. What can I say, the space just radiates a special energy. Which is, of course, a great asset for a wellness club.

Stepping into THE WELL, you’re first greeted by an expertly-curated retail section, where members and non-members alike can shop for wellness-based beauty, meditation pillows, and more. From there, you can enter another space open to non-members: THE WELL Kitchen & Table—opening later this month—which will feature market-fresh food from the team behind Cafe Clover.

The rest of the space is limited to members only, where they can enjoy benefits such as appointments with THE WELL‘s many practitioners (including their own dedicated health coach), mindful movement classes, reflexology treatments, and exclusive wellness-focused programming.

“Our mission is to be the gold standard for wellness,” says Rebecca Parekh, CoFounder and CEO of THE WELL, “We’re building a movement to empower people to take greater agency for their health.”

According to a press release, the 18,000 square foot space was transformed into an “oasis of positivity and comfort” where members can escape their crazed lives and focus on their health and wellbeing. Every detail in the club was meticulously and beautifully designed by Rose Ink Workshop, a design firm led by Liubasha Rose.

Each room feels unique and well-suited for its specific purpose, but taken as a whole, THE WELL still feels cohesive and intentional.

“We want to change the narrative and relationship around wellness,” says Kane Sarhan, CoFounder and CCO of THE WELL, “This club is our first step towards building a global brand that changes the way people think about their health.”

For New York City locals, a monthly membership will set you back $375 a month, or $210 if you’re under the age of 32, with a $500 initiation fee.

But for the rest of us, THE WELL‘s design can be used as inspiration to add a little extra wellness into our lives. Read on for 8 design ideas to try in your own home.