August 8, 2019

Inspired by their own health struggles and a canny sense of what’s missing in the $4.2 trillion wellness industry, an intrepid trio of 30- and 40-something entrepreneurs is about to open a chain of integrative health clubs called The Well.

“The thing that differentiates us most is our breadth and integration of services. So much has happened in the wellness industry. Boutique fitness is incredible, functional and integrative medicine has become more widely known and available, and Chinese medicine products and acupuncture clinics have expanded,” says CEO Rebecca Parekh, who spent a decade in structured credit at Deutsche Bank before becoming COO for Deepak Chopra Radical Well-Being. “We’re bringing it all under one roof and making it truly integrated. All of our specialists will collaborate and put together a personalized plan for each member.”

Designed by Liubasha Rose, who helped develop SH Hotels and Resorts’ 1 Hotel and Baccarat brands, The Well is bright and airy, with a muted gray palette, plenty of natural light, plant walls and gently curving surfaces. Artist James Turrell’s installations and Mexican sweat lodge huts inspired the circular, cement-walled meditation room, which feels like an especially clean, plush cave. Spa treatment rooms have beds with built-in infrared heaters. Rather unusually, the club’s sauna and steam room are co-ed.